Sunday, 9 June 2013

Angelica and Friends - Grace

Hi Everyone

Well how excited I was when my Nana Lou told me i had a stamp named after me!!!!!!!!!  Oh my Goodness!!!!!

And then she asked me to colour it and make a card so it could go into the Crafters Inspiration magazine..........  How exciting..........

 I cannot remember the colours I used but I know the wings are EB1, her skin is TN2, FS3 and FS2, with CR3 for her cheeks and I used two tones out of the CR colours for her dress and shoes.  The papers are all free in the magazine and i have just added a few flowers from Nana's box of flowers.

Below are some more pictures of me making the card.

Hope you like it.

Gracie xx


  1. Well aren't you the lucky one!! Having a stamp named after you and then making a card with it to go into a magazine. You have made a fabulous card!!

  2. Well done Gracie this is fabulous and lovely photographs too. Love your card.

    Linda xxx

  3. What lovely colours you have chosen for your card. Well done Grace
    P x

  4. how awesome getting a stamp named after you and wonderful card you have made xx