Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lilac paint Fusion

Hi Everyone

I have been at Nana lous this weekend and i saw her preparing for a demo on Friday night so i asked if i could have a go at painting.  It was too late last night after tea and she fell asleep on the settee snoring so i had to wait until today.  Me and granda were laughing while she was asleep cos she was talking.  ha ha.

This is my first go at paint fusion and i am taking it home now to show mam as i think it is really good.

I stamped the lilac image and leaf and then used the paint it said on the instructions and Nana showed me what to do but i did this by myself.

I think my mam will like it too.

Hope you like it.

Gracie xx


  1. Fantastic work Gracie. Obviously going to be as fabby a crafter as your Nana

    Hugs Jane x

  2. WOW Gracie, this is absolutely stunning! You are going to be one fantastic crafter just like your Nana.

    Linda xxx

  3. Excellent job. You should be proud of yourself!! Hugs. xx

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  5. Gracie this is fabulous and I know that Sheena would be very proud of your painting. Well Done. xx

  6. Wow Gracie this is fantastic! I am sure your Mam will love it :-)

    Lisa xx

  7. WOW WOW WOW Gracie!!! You are soooooo good at this!! It's fantastic, must come round for some lessons with you ;-)
    Debbie x

  8. This is beautiful.... well done Gracie x

  9. Brilliant work Gracie, really well done
    Lindsay xx

  10. Gracie this is amazing, looks like your Nana will be taking lessons from you soon :) xxx