Monday, 9 April 2012

A gift for you

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having  a happy Easter.  I am having a good Easter and I had 2 Easter egg hunts yesterday which I enjoyed very much.

I had some new stamps that I got from Jaqui so I made a card with one.  I stuck a stamp on a rockablock  and I rolled it on some card. Then I coloured i t in the colours I used for the elephant's skin is IG1 and IG2. Then I coloured in the present. The colours I used for the bow was LV2 and the wrapping paper was PP1 and PL2. For the ladder and tag I used TN1. Next I decorated my card with some paper Nana had lying around. There was a circle die on the desk so i used it to cut out my picture. then nana gave me some purple card then i used it to go around the picture with a flower shaped die.  We stuck the picture onto the card and then we stuck everything onto the card.  Then we decorated it with 3 purple flowers that i found in Nana's cupboard.

hope you like it.

Gracie xx


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