Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advent Calendar

Hello and this is my first post.

Today i have been making an advent calendar with my Nana Lou.  She started at Craftaganza and didn't finish it so i helped her finish it off today.  It has kept us busy all day long.

First of all i scored the inside of each box on the ultimate pro and then folded them, creasing each line using the scoring tool.  we then made the wrappers and stacked the 12 boxes together.  We then put them all together and added this underneath the bit that was already made.  After this we then added some more purple and blue card with snowflake paper on the top.

I wanted to add a picture to the top so i chose a little swalk girl from winter cheer and coloured it in with my nana's spectrum noirs.  I coloured the face  using 3 skin tones, 142,133 and 132 and then 135 for the cheeks.  Then i chose blue and pinky purple to match the calendars colours.  to finish off the picture i used a glue pen and sprinkled some glamour dust over the furry edges to her coat, hat and snowflakes.

After this i thought it needed some decoration so we put on some sparkly snowflakes with a gem on to each side and the top.  To finish we put handles for each drawer made of ribbon. Once the glue has dried we are going to put chocolates in the drawers and the top box.

All done! I love it.



  1. Hello Grace. Your advent calendar is really lovely and I think your colouring in is excellent. Well done you.

    Catherine x

  2. Stunning absolutely stunning!!! Well done Grace me thinks you have some competition there Nana Louise!

    Ali x

  3. Hi Grace, Wow this is lovely! I also started to make the advent calendar at Craftaganza with your Nana Lou but haven't finished it yet. Hope mine turns out as lovely as yours.

    Lisa x

  4. Hi Grace what a fantastic advent calendar you have been very busy with your Nana!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  5. Fantastic project & a great first post! Welcome to Blogland!
    Dawn xx

  6. Wow!!!!! Grace this is beautiful, and your colouring is just perfect, I bet you and nana had a lovely time making this. Looking forward to see more of your creations
    Huggles Jacqui xxx

  7. Well done Grace! This is gorgeous and your colouring is beautiful too. Looking forward to seeing more of your fab creations.

    Linda xxx

  8. how lovely and what a fab calendar you have made well done grace
    hugs linda xxx

  9. This is soooo beautiful! You've done an excellent job and your colouring is just amazing! I bet you had a great time making it and you are looking forward to eating the sweets every day!